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 Background information on myself

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PostSubject: Background information on myself   Sun 10 Jan 2010, 12:29 am

Hello everyone,

This could be considered relevant to various different forums, not necessarily just the Career Center, but I've decided that if any, this is definitely the one which it belongs more in. I thought I would tell everyone a little about me personally, such as skills, aspirations and my goals for VKF. I realise that I touched on them briefly in my introduction post, but here I would like to go into a little more detail so that you can all 'paint a picture' so to speak on me and to generally help you to understand what kind of a person I am, in the hopes that you will like what you see.

I'd like to begin with my skills and I do not wish to appear vain at any point through this thread, but from what I have been told by others that I know in my life and through the internet, they also believe the following things of me. You will find that I am a hard working individual, I aspire to work hard with any position of responsibility I am given in life or any task I am asked to complete. I always try to give 110% hard work. I never question anything I am asked to do by a superior unless I offer a valid argument and a suggestion to replace the existing proposal to something and even if someone higher in command still says no, I will follow orders. One important thing about me is that I take things seriously when it comes to responsibility and I wll dedicate a lot of my free time (if not the majority of my free time) into doing my duties and responsibilities. With this free time, comes the capability to plan, run and maintain a position of responsibility that I could be given in future. I also believe that when it eventually comes around to ingame experience, I will have that key aspect in place because I have ample amounts of past experience for mmo's from the likes of: World of Warcraft, EvE, etc.

On World of Warcraft, I found myself in a position of massive responsibility where by I was the Guild Master which basically means the founding members of the online guild called 'Forsaken Corner'. My responsibilities were of massive quantities as such which ranged from guild relations, guild recruitment, raid scheduling, forum administration, website administration, and much more. I say this to show that I have the capability and the will for positions of responsibility should they pass me by. Another key skill which I believe will hopefully in time be put into use as my trust is build with the Admiral is that of forum support since I like to consider myself to have an in depth knowledge for all things towards forum management.

As a career path on STO, I have already decided upon my main character being that of a tactical officer due to my experience with the traditional dps aspect of an MMO in previous games. However, I will more than likely try out multiple different career paths in time.

As for my ranking position, at present my current aiming rank on VKF is that of Ambassador of the Fleet - to which I have recently recieved as a title for which I am most thankful for and will begin such responsibility work tomorrow morning as I try and develop relations with numerous different fleets for STO. However, my rank which I aim to successfully obtain on VKF is that of Battle Group Commander for leading the PvE aspect of the fleet. In time, I hope to show my skill to a degree which will show me as being a good choice for BG Commander position.

Live Long and Prosper!
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PostSubject: Re: Background information on myself   Sun 10 Jan 2010, 8:07 pm

good post.
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Background information on myself
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