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Greetings, welcome to the Vulcan Kolinahr Fleet's website. We are open to all Vulcans and non-Vulcans to join us in our journey's within the final fronteir. We wish to explore, cultivate, and develop in the STO universe. Live long and prosper.
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PostSubject: Application for Membership   Application for Membership Icon_minitimeTue 12 Jan 2010, 11:51 am

I am an experienced mmo gamer interested in joining your fleet.
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PostSubject: Greetings and Welcome Cadet jimdh2!   Application for Membership Icon_minitimeTue 12 Jan 2010, 12:42 pm

jimdh2 wrote:
I am an experienced mmo gamer interested in joining your fleet.

Congratulations on joining the best group of Starship Captains around. You have been designated as a Ne-lan, or Cadet. Please take a look at the message in this thread "Your first duties when accepted into the Fleet". Follow those directions and you will be swiftly promoted to Ot-lan, or Lieutenant.

In particular, please introduce yourself to the Fleet on the "Introduce Yourself to the Vulcan Kolinahr Fleet" thread. Tell us as much about yourself as you'd like. If you are participating in open beta, we'd like to know as we are planning group activities during this time to explore the game and space, work out battle logistics and coordination, and shakedown our Fleet. As an experienced mmo gamer, please let us know if you have held any past command positions, as that experience would be useful in helping you to achieve whatever rank or level of responsibility that you desire - and please tell us what you want to get out of VKF - our members' needs are diverse, and we want to ensure everyone has a good experience.

Again, welcome to the VKF Ne-lan jimdh2, I look forward to your posts and seeing you in-game!

Zhel-lan Keysailor, Fleet Chief Science Officer
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Application for Membership
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