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Greetings, welcome to the Vulcan Kolinahr Fleet's website. We are open to all Vulcans and non-Vulcans to join us in our journey's within the final fronteir. We wish to explore, cultivate, and develop in the STO universe. Live long and prosper.
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 Fleet Ambassador Office Information

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PostSubject: Fleet Ambassador Office Information   Fleet Ambassador Office Information Icon_minitimeSun 17 Jan 2010, 10:36 am

As explained briefly by the forum description, this forum is made with the purpose of allowing Fleet Ambassadors from other fleets to post in this forum and request and propose a treaty with [VKF], keeping in mind that the following are the treaties which are popular and most commonly made between Fleets and we ask that when requesting a treaty, you read this list and use it, or at least make it similar:

Previously, the forum entitled 'Embassy' was being used as a place for Ambassadors from other Fleets to initiate there introduction and their request for a treaty and this is beginning to cause confusion amongst other things and therefore to try and ease that confusion, this forum has been created. As well as this forum being used to request Fleet to Fleet treaties being made, it will be used throughout the process of the treaty being made and signed and then once this is completed and signed, your fleet will have a forum created in the forum entitled 'Embassy'.
This forum will also be used for requesting or proposing fleet treaty updates. This forum should also be used for all other problems concerning relevant Fleet matters and any queries other Ambassadors may have.
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Fleet Ambassador Office Information
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